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For more detailed information you can visit my blog at: http://blog.legionarms.com/


How to Build an AKM/AKS


How to Bend a Receiver

Review of NDS-2 Receiver

Removing Receiver Stubs

Demilling the Trigger Guard

Removing Old Rivets from Front Trunnion


Pressing out Barrel Pin
Includes how to use a drill to remove the sight leaf. This is a slick trick I do too.

Barrel Removal

Locating the Trigger Guard and Mag Catch

Drilling Front Trunnion Holes

Pressing Front Trunnion Rivets In

Pressing the Barrel Back In

Checking the Headspace on your AK-47

Drilling Rear Trunnion Holes


Pressing Rear Trunnion Rivets w/AK-Builder Jig

How to Install the AK Fire Control Group (FCG)

Drilling a Scope Rail

How to Rivet a Scope Rail

How to do Rivets That Look Bulgarian

AK-Builder also has videos on Youtube


AK-47 Barrel Pin & Barrel Removal

Lower Bolt Rail Guide Spot Welding

How to Replace a Gas Piston

Review of Stamped AK Receivers


How to Bend an AK Receiver

Skilled with an AK

How to Disassemble an AK Bolt

How to Install the firing pin


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